22 September 2016

My Mum the 1960's Workplace Disruptor

Workplace culture can inspire disruption. This is a direct result of forward-thinking leaders who are not afraid of challenging the status quo; of having their own beliefs or ideas questioned to changing acceptable means of production.' quote Chicago Tribune 

It's been a hot topic for a while now with plenty of businesses and individuals writing content about disruption, myself included Five Digital Marketing Disruptions'. Disruption is not a new topic, it's been around for years, we don't always acknowledge what happened in the past.

3 September 2016

The Ultimate List of FREE Stock Photo Websites

Are you one of the 46% of marketers who say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies? Images are an important part of your online presence, Researchers found that colored visuals increase people's willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.

That's a big percentage, but finding that perfect picture for your website, blog or advertising campaign can always be a tricky, especially if your budget is tight, well never fear, I have compiled the Ultimate List of free stock photo websites, allowing you to search for that perfect free image! This list is a combination of sites, photographers who produce their own images, community sites allowing users to upload photographs and search engines.

20 August 2016

Digital Marketing is Baked into my DNA

I love social media and Digital Marketing, I thrive on being innovative and pushing boundaries using digital and social tools. I'm super passionate about social and love having the experience to work with facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+, blogging and YouTube. 

Digital Marketing is really exciting and it's amazing that I get to work with technology and discover new ways to enhance products and increase leads. It’s vital to create a smooth customer experience on all Social Media and digital Platforms. Ensuring your customers can engage with a range of interesting, fun and exciting content. Social media and Digital Marketing are totally baked into my DNA.

19 August 2016

One Hot Tip On How to Get Retweets

I use twitter, a lot! And one of the biggest questions I''m always asked is, how to I get lot's of retweets? It's not always about retweets, you also want people to comment, follow and like your tweets, but let's start with just getting retweets. 
Assuming your content is good and is hitting your target audience, here is one simple hot tip to help you get those retweets. I recently wrote a blog called '15 Female Digital Influencers on Twitter' - which yes as you can guess, was all about 15 women I follow on twitter, there are millions of people to follow and finding those people who interest you can be a tricky task.

18 August 2016

Never Mind Digital Disruption - What About Sport Disruption!

Digital Disruption 'The change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.
It's been a hot topic for a while now with plenty of businesses and individuals writing content about it, myself included Five Digital Marketing Disruptions'. Disruption is not a new topic, it's been around for 100's of years. And sport itself brings a whole new range of Individual Disruptors. As human beings, we are all striving to be the best in our own individual field and once in a while someone comes along who captures the attention of the world, and social media.

16 August 2016

One Big Stinky Lesson in Digital Marketing we can learn from the creator of Poo-Pourri.

Content that evokes emotion is very powerful, and if you can make people laugh, then chances are people will love your brand. So a few days ago when my Husband and I watched a hilarious video on his Facebook feed, literally laughing out loud, infact my husband even shed a tear from all the hilarity. We proved that humour can ensure your target audience will buy your product. 
What were we laughing at? A video which is pure marketing genius, a video advertising a product called Poo-Pourri. It had me at Hello, intrigued from the very beginning, it had hooked me in with it's light hearted poo humour, so much so that we jumped onto Amazon and bought a bottle!

5 August 2016

Eight Top Tips to help you manage your Linkedin Profile

There are 332 million people on LinkedIn and every second a new member joins the network, from over 200 countries and terrirotires around the world. 
40% of LinkedIn users check LinkedIn on a daily basis, so it pays to make your Linkedin profile as effective as it can be. Even simple things like turning off your notifications and not sending multiple connection requests to the same person can make a big difference to your profile. Here are Nine Top Tips to help you manage your Linkedin Profile.